It is common that each time we feel tired, we consider that we probably need more vitamins. We try to improve our health and general well-being by buying supplements with vitamins, minerals and fiber. We can even try the new product trend we saw on a sponsored Instagram post.

Stop! There are many other ways to improve your health and well-being that doesn’t include artificial substances and unknown chemicals. These include: improving the overall quality of your diet, increasing your physical activity, refraining from smoking, maintaining healthy sleep patterns and minimizing stress.

It is easily said but almost impossible to achieve. That is why vitamin supplements are still so popular even though there is growing evidence that suggests that they can be more harmful than good.

In a previous randomized clinical trial conducted in the United States, it was observed that supplements with high doses of selenium where is already plentiful in diet, increased the risk of type 2 diabetes. The consumption of these supplements has increased in the last couple of years because there is the perception that selenium and other anti-oxidant supplements can potentially reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

What is more interesting is that several costly clinical trials on antioxidant supplements have showed that this provide no health benefits but a potential harm.

Therefore, it is very important that before you decide to solve your health issues through vitamins, you change your lifestyle in general. Instead of buying a new vitamin product, improve your health in general by treating your body as it deserves.

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